Currently I (am) am not looking for work.

You can find the current version of my CV at the other end of this link.

I am based in Dublin, but if remote working is acceptable, then I'm available for roles anywhere.

I have experience in the IT industry since the summer of 1994, initially as a software engineer, but for most of that time I have been designing solutions and leading the teams implementing them.

I have extensive experience in IT architecture roles of many forms: solutions architect, applications architect, enterprise architect (as per the TOGAF® definition).

I am TOGAF® 9.1 Level 2 certified1.

If you require someone who can do the following, please get in touch, as I may well be a good fit:

  • Solutions architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Software development manager.

While architecture is "aware" of technology, but not necessarily "aware" of vendor products, the following is an extract from my CV outlining the technologies I am familiar with:

Operating systems GNU/Linux; Other UNIX-based OSs; MS Windows; cygwin
Software Development UNIX shell; Java; Oracle Forms, SQL, PL/SQL; Python; HTML/CSS; C; PHP; lisp; UML
Development tools and environments + Java: GNU/Emacs; Oracle Jdeveloper; Eclipse + Various Oracle development tools + Others: vi; GNU Emacs; PuTTY; ArgoUML
Development technologies + Oracle Database: 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, 8.0.x, 7.x, 6.0.x + Application Server: httpd; Oracle WebLogic 11g; Oracle AS 10g/9i + Others: MS SQL Server; MS IIS; MySQL
File interchange MQ; SQL*Loader; XML; CSV; Fixed-field; EFT
Other tech FLEXCUBE; subversion; PGP/GPG; ssh; autosys



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