I have enabled comments on this blog.

Originally, the o-blog system allowed for hooking your site up to Disqus for comments, but I wasn't a fan and turned that off.

I've implemented a system called Cactus Comments, which hooks the blog posts into [matrix] rooms. This will allow people to add comments through the site, or directly into the rooms using the [matrix] client of their choice. I'm hosting the service myself, and it's connected into the matrix homeserver that I am also hosting myself.

Of course, with a wee bit of power comes a wee bit of responsibility. The following are the rules regarding how comments will be managed here:

  • Spam comments will be deleted and the commenters banned.
  • Abusive comments will be deleted and the commenters banned.
  • Off-topic comments will be deleted and the commenters warned. Repeated off-topic comments will result in a ban.
  • Any other behaviour I am not comfortable with will result in other moderation activities such as deleting comments and banning commenters.

Any new rules I think of, I will add here.

None of this, of course, interferes with commenters' rights, for a whole host of reasons, but not least because if they don't like it they can go and moan about it somewhere other than my web site.