There are a number of services on the gibiris.org domain that you may want to use.

I have some (limited) capacity to make these services available to people who are known to me personally. If you would like to use any of them, just send me a message of some sort.

Type of service Service address Your ID on the service Where data are stored Information
e-mail titan.email <username>@gibiris.org <unknown> You will get a gibiris.org e-mail address along with any of the other services you sign up for.
Instant Messaging matrix.gibiris.org @<username>:matrix.gibiris.org Dublin Distributed instant messaging. Can be connected to your WhatsApp and/or your Signal accounts if you wish. WhatsApp messages are stored on WhatsApp servers. Signal messages are stored on Signal servers.
Cloud storage cloud.gibiris.org Up to you Dublin You will get a small cloud storage account along with any of the other services you sign up for
Code hosting/sharing git.gibiris.org Up to you Dublin Just like GitHub, but Microsoft doesn't get to analyse your code.
News aggregation news.gibiris.org Up to you Dublin A single place to store all your news feeds in a way that you can't miss them
VPN not relevant None – you will be issued a VPN certificate   Access to an IP address in Ireland for accessing "geoblocked" services or data
"Social Media" social.gibiris.org @<username>@social.gibiris.org Dublin A service kinda like facebook, but works perfectly with other Mastodon services if that's all you need.
bluesky <your choice> @<username>.gibiris.org   See below for plans, but you can get a bluesky-relevant address from me now if you wish. There'll be more capabilities later.
Blog comments www.gibiris.org None required. You can use a matrix ID if you wish Dublin Even if you don't use my blog hosting, you will still be able to comment on the posts. Comments will be moderated in line with the comments policy for this site.

There are some other services I am thinking of setting up, so if they are of interest to you please let me know.

Type of service Information
Blog I currently have a blog (your reading it now!), but it's isn't yet possible to allow others to post onto it. I'm looking into it.
Identity A unified <username>@gibiris.org to be used with the same password on all the services
bluesky I plan to set up as many bluesky-related services as possible. However, if you want an @<user>.gibiris.org address for your current bluesky experience, I can give that to you now, if you wish.
Virtual desktop Possible. Will let you have a computer somewhere else. Will require a lot more computing power than I currently have available.

It will be necessary to buy some additional computing power in order to support all of these. If so, I will choose between buying additional servers to run in my personal "data centre" and buying hosting from a local, Ireland-based hosting provider (rather than one of the large multinational corporations like Amazon or Google or Microsoft – all of which, ironically, have hosting centres in Ireland!). If the latter, I may end up charging to provide these services, but it will only be enough to cover the cost of the hosting.

I have decided that I currently don't have computing capacity to offer virtual desktops to anyone, so that's off the list – at least for the time being.