I gave a talk recently to all the IT architects in my workplace on the architecture of Bluesky. The slides I used are embedded below, but they're best viewed directly here. As we're introducing Structurizr in the company for the preparation of architecture diagrams, I also used this talk as a showcase of that technology, too.

If you see any errors, please let me know in the comments below, or at https://bsky.app/profile/eibhear.gibiris.org.

Note: if you are looking at the slides in the embedding below, please note that clicking on the links will attempt to open those resources directly in the iframe, which will not work for all of the links (perhaps not for any of them – I didn't test them all). If you're using a mouse, middle-click will open them successfully in a new tab/page. If you're not using a mouse, you'll need to prompt your "user agent" to open the link in a new tab or new window.

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