And here it is. Éibhear's blog.

This is just for fun, and nothing here is to be taken too seriously. However, the intention is to improve my prose and to learn how to blog effectively.

I decided to start a blog nearly two weeks ago, and figured I'd use the time I was in Spain on holiday to work things out. I brought along my yopy to do the work. One I had it all sorted out, I typed out my first blog entry to copy and paste into here. And guess what. The battery ran out of my yopy and I lost all the data. Lesson: when you're yopy battery is running down and you know you won't be able to charge it for some time, shut it down completely (rather than just closing it an leaving it closed). Thankfully I have done a backup on Monday (April 26) but that wasn't soon enough to backup all the blog stuff I did. So I'm now working from memory.

I hope to cover at least the following topics in this blog:

  • Irish Politics – Nothing specific yet, but my interest in the field is growing. For the purposes of full disclosure, it's worth pointing out that I am recently joined the Green Party/Comhaontas Glas.
  • Free Software – I like Open Source, but I prefer free software. I am of the opinion that what we do should not be bound by the personality traits or deficiencies of those from whom we purchase our software. Free Software as a concept and the Free Software movement embodies that reaction in my mind.
  • Electronic Voting – I wrote the original of this entry before the Commission on Electionic Voting produced their report on the 30th of April. I vehemently oppose the use of electronic voting without some form of paper-based, voter-verified, auditing. Minister Cullen's overwhelming arrogance in responding to concerns and criticisms just added fuel to the fire. The story's not over yet, though. Although we won't be voting electronically this next time, the issue will probably arise again in the next few years and unless it has the required VVAT, it will have to be fought again. In the meantime, it'll be worth keeping track on what's happening there when things are "ticking over".
  • Roman History – Huh?! Yup. Roman History. I formally studied architecture for a year, and while the discipline itself held nothing for me, my eyes were open to the vast and vastly interesting topic of ancient Roman history, and history in general. From time to time I will be yammering on here about one aspect of Caesar's or Cicero's life and career decisions, and so on.

Agus, sin é.


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