I've been using emacs heavily (and delightedly!) since I was a green software engineer in 1995.

I discovered org-mode about 4 years ago, and I love it, especially for writing.

For various reasons, I've dropped off using my blog, in part because I was never really impressed with Wordpress' blog-post-writing interface. So I've stopped posting, and now I'm back.

I've working on o-blog for this for about 4 months now, getting used to it, learning about it, and porting my old blog, provocatio from blogs.linux.ie to get it ready for this.

It's not fully ready. There's much I want to change and work on…

  • o-blog doesn't come with comments – it seems that I can hook something into it (disqus?!?), but I don't know it, and would like to learn about more options. One option I'm looking into is SocialSharePrivacy, which will allow people to comment on posts through their favourite channel (e.g. twitter, Google+, etc.), but at the same time won't track their visit here if they don't want that either.
  • I've developed the front-page to present the first 10 post entries. I want to update o-blog to implement the <!–more–> paradigm of the first few paragraphs on the main page.
  • I'm not altogether delighted with the styles in o-blog, so I'm going to make some changes once I begin to understand the technologies involved (Bootstrap, less). I'm particularly not impressed with the resources they use in the browser.
  • I'm going to port the site over to HTTPS.
  • I want to reduce the site's dependency on javascript.


I'm back.

I've loads of plans for this site ("content"-wise, not just software-wise), and I hope it works out.

Finally, if you want to get in touch, I'm @eibhear on twitter, +Éibhear Ó hAnluain on Google+ (for the time being!), and if you want to use e-mail, details are on my PGPKey.html page.

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