Following up on an earlier post.

A story today on RTÉ provides some of the details of a report into the allegations of the corrupt cancellation of penalty points by senior members of An Garda Síochána1.

There's lots to know, but the shocking point for me is that 6 senior members of the force continued to cancel penalty points after being instructed that the practice was to stop!

Essentially, in a police force, where discipline and chain-of-command are supposed to be of importance, 6 senior officers decided that none of it counted when it came to sorting out their buddies.

Sack them!

Procedure should be minimised. Just sack them!

That we even have to consult the Minister for Justice is an unnecessary tedium.

It doesn't actually matter that they corruptly subverted the rule of law. They disobeyed orders. The hero in this story, Sergeant Maurice McCabe, had his life put under serious pressure (maybe nearly ruined, maybe actually ruined) for the sacrifice he made. He exposed corruption within his force after trying to follow the correct procedures. He was vilified in public and in parliament (his behaviour was described as "disgusting" by the then most senior member of hist force). These thugs2, however, just ignored their superior officers and went on and sorted their mates out.

Sack them.

It's actually hard for me to even accept that they deserve "due process".



The police in Ireland. Ironically, the term means Guardians of Peace


I don't agree with the practice of referring to all police men and women as 'thugs' or 'pigs', but these people are certainly not deserving of respect!

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