I've done a complete restyle of the web site.

I'm a massive fan of emacs for a very long time, specifically org-mode (for nearly as long). More and more, I use these tools for my writing, whatever the context, and many years ago I went looking for a mechanism to blog through emacs and orgmode.

I eventually found o-blog, which I have been using ever since.

However, I never liked the default styling that came with it, and I have always wanted to change it. The problem was that its all based on Bootstrap and less, and seemed to contain a lot of javascript, technologies I just did not have time to learn in order to use a different style.

Of course, I didn't help myself by not incorporating o-blog as a git project and taking and using updates as they came along.

Anyway, I ripped out Bootstrap and less, broke my web site, and started building it back up again with just a plain CSS file.

The result is what you see in front of you1.

This has allowed me to do a few things behind the scenes:

  • Remove all dependencies on o-blog's versions of the templates and styling files.
  • Separate out code for my site and code for the o-blog engine. More on that below.
  • Remove all use of javascript except for that one bit I wanted/needed to control the top menu above.

For me, this will make it easier to manage the web site, as I now know the distinction between what's part of my site and what's part of the o-blog engine.

My site is based on version 1.2 of o-blog, but o-blog itself is no longer supported by the developer. Sébastien Gross worked to upgrade and modernise o-blog (developing up to release 2.6), but it would have broken my web site for me to use it, and then a few years ago, he stopped updating it. My work above has put me in a position to manage the code somewhat myself.

So, this will be my next little project – to modernise o-blog to support blogging with the newer versions of GNU Emacs and org-mode. I'm not releasing anything quite yet, but will look at doing so in the coming months.



Though, if you're reading this on an RSS reader, first I commend you to the highest degree, and then I recommend you visit the web site to appreciate what I'm talking about.

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