I've been trying to figure out how I can get Let's Encrypt SSL cert configured for my blog for the longest time. Today, I cracked that nut.

This blog is now available only over HTTPS, which means that the traffic between you and the server that hosts the blog is encrypted.

I don't use the blog to capture any personal information from anyone (except myself). In fact, the site is completely read-only, but HTTPS also prevents the details of what you access on the site from being made available to anyone else.

As you will see elsewhere on this site, I believe encryption is an important security measure for everyone. I also believe it's a responsibility on the part of all service providers to deliver those services over encrypted channels.

Serving my blog over HTTPS is the last step for me, as all my other sites are already there.

If you see any issues with this, particularly if you have a bookmarked link that isn't being redirected, please let me know.

This website can't record comments. If you would to join the conversation, you can do so on twitter or on the Matrix.org room I've opened here.