Yesterday morning, 14th January, I was interviewed briefly by Áine Lawlor of Morning Ireland regarding the @theauldsthretch twitter account.

You can access a recording of the interview here1, and I also have it available as a download here, or you can listen to it from this page if your browser supports that.

I was delighted to be asked to come on, and it was great fun. Listening back, I'm sorry I wasn't sufficiently prepared for the questions such that I would not have said "emmm" so much.

As I think back on it, there are so many different ways that the interview could have gone, and thinking even more about it, I don't think I would have found it hard to talk for an hour on the matter2.

The angles of any such conversation would include:

  • The anticipation of the growing evenings and what it does for people, which is what we discussed in the interview.
  • The technical implementation of the twitter bot I use for it
  • The community that has built up around the twitter account
  • The astronomical phenomena that influence these progressions in darkness and brightness (I'm no expert, but I can speak in a high-level sense on many of these phenomena)
  • How I operate the account to keep it going the way it does.

Yesterday's interview resulted in ~800 new followers, which is mad. During the 3-minute call, the follower count went from about 9,660 to "10.3k".

I remain available for further interviews should anyone take a fancy.

Finally, my apologies to those from Roscommon who were hurt by my comment at the end of the call. It kinda came out wrong. I'm getting slagged for denying (-ish) having grown up in Westmeath!



Update [2021-01-19 Tue]: Initially, the spelling of my first was incorrect. Upon a request from me, the Morning Ireland team fixed it.


Shout out to you, Dan

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