I was asked to come on to Morning Ireland again this year to talk about @theauldsthretch, and just like last year it was great fun.

This time, it was Rachael English doing the interviewing. I was thrown a bit at the start when – during Rachael's second question – someone from the studio started speaking in my ear over her, and I didn't know either when the question ended, or what was being asked, and I had to guess at both. Thus, my plan to work hard on all the "ehhm"s was sent off-kilter.

The page for the piece can be seen here, or you can get the recording from here, or play it using the controls below (if you see them).

Update [2022-01-06 Thu]

edward pointed out to me that I say in the interview that the daily growth of the stretch these days is about 7 seconds, and that it's a lot longer than that. It was a good spot – the daily growth at the time of the interview (4th January) was somewhere between 1 minute and 1 minute and 20 seconds.

I had a sheet of notes in front of me at the time to prompt me on some facts, and in my glance at the sheet when answering that question, I picked up the wrong fact.

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